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Chromium zirconium corundum brick

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  product Overview:


  Chromium zirconium corundum brick is mainly made by corundum and some industrial chromium oxide, zircon sand and bonding agent. It’s made by mixing them as per certain ratio, high pressure forming and burning under high-temperature. It’s featuring high refractoriness under load, large strength and good corrosion resistance. It’s mainly used for urban household garbage incinerators, industrial waste incinerators, medical waste incinerators, general solid waste incinerators, hazardous waste incinerators, etc.


  Physical and chemical indicators


Item Indexes
Al2O3              %            ≥ 80
Cr2O3              %           ≥ 3~5
ZrO2                %           ≥ 2~4
Fe2O3             %           ≤ 1.0
Volume density         g/cm³            ≥ 2.9
Apparent porosity       %           ≤ 17
Ambient compression strength    Mpa        ≥ 80
load softening starting temperature (0.2Mpa,0.6%)      ℃    ≥ 1550
Thermal shock resistance (1000°C, water cooling) time     ≥ 20
Normal temperature wear resistance          cm³                ≤ 6.0


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