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Yellow corundum bricks for pellet vertical furnace
Yellow corundum bricks for pellet vertical furnace
Affiliate classification Pellet shaft furnace with yellow corundum brick
Weight 0
Product Description

  Product Overview:

     Yellow Corundum brick is made of high-alumina bauxite clinker, corundum, sillimanite, and binder through granulation and milling processes, mixed in a certain proportion, and then pressed and formed. Erosion and erosion resistant products. It is mainly used in the fire vent of pellet shaft furnace in iron and steel plant.

  Physical and chemical indicators:

Item index
Al2O3        %      ≥ 78
Fe2O3        %      ≤ 2
0.2MPaLoad softening start temperature  ℃  ≥ 1500
Apparent porosity       %          ≤ 26
Compressive strength at room temperature     Mpa        ≥ 50