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Pellet vertical furnace air guide wall brick
Pellet vertical furnace air guide wall brick
Affiliate classification Wind guide wall brick for pellet shaft furnace
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Product Description

  Product Overview:

     The special shaped brick of semi-zircon wind guide wall is made of high-alumina bauxite clinker, mullite, kyanite, zircon sand, and bonding agent. After the granulation and powder making processes, the mixture is mixed in a certain proportion and then pressed into shape. High temperature firing has good resistance to high temperature, erosion and erosion. It is mainly used in the air deflector of pellet shaft furnaces in steel plants.

  Physical and chemical indicators:

Item Indicator
Al2O3        %      ≥ 65
ZrO2        %      ≥ 6
0.2MPaLoad softening start temperature  ℃  ≥ 1300
Apparent porosity       %           ≤ 26
Compressive strength at room temperature    Mpa        ≥ 50