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Clay brick

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  product Overview:


  Clay brick is made from hard clay, cokestone and binder through granulation and powder making processes, mixed in a certain proportion, then pressed into shape and calcined at high temperature. Clay Fire-resistant brick is divided into professional-use Clay bricks (including Clay bricks for blast furnaces, Clay bricks for glass kilns, Clay bricks for hot blast stoves) and general-use Clay bricks according to their uses.

  General purpose Clay brick is divided into three grades PN-1, PN-2 and PN-3 according to the physical and chemical indicators.

  Clay brick for professional use is divided into three grades ZN-45, ZN-40 and ZN-36 according to physical and chemical indicators.

  Physical and chemical indicators of general purpose Clay brick:


Item Indicator
PN-1 PN-2 PN-3
0.2MPaLoad softening start temperature  ℃    ≥ 1300 1250 1200
Heating permanent line change(1350℃×2h)    % -0.2~+0.1 -0.3~+0.1 -0.4~+0.1
Apparent porosity     %               ≤ 24 26 28
Compressive strength at room temperature   Mpa          ≥ 30 25 20


  Physical and chemical indicators of professional use Clay brick:


Item Indicator
ZN-45 ZN-40