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Phosphate refractory mortar

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  product Overview:


  Phosphate refractory mortar is a high-quality mud with high-quality bauxite clinker or clay clinker as the main raw material, and solid phosphoric acid or liquid phosphoric acid as a binder. It is mainly used for masonry of High-alumina brick or Clay brick. It is divided into four grades: NP-45, LP-55, LP-65, and LP-70 according to the physical and chemical properties.


  Physical and chemical indicators:


Product name Phosphate clayRefractory mortar Phosphate AluminiumRefractory mortar Phosphate AluminiumRefractory mortar Phosphate AluminiumRefractory mortar
Grade NP-45 LP-55 LP-65 LP-70
Refractory ≥1750℃ ≥1770℃ ≥1790℃ ≥1790
Flexural strength 110℃drying ≥2 MPa ≥2 MPa ≥2 MPa ≥2 MPa
1200℃×3h ≥6MPa      
1400℃×3h   ≥6 MPa ≥6 MPa ≥6 MPa
Softening temperature under load ≥1200℃ ≥1300℃ ≥1320℃ ≥1550℃
Bonding time(min) 1~3 1~3 1~3 1~3
Al2O3 ≥45 ≥55 ≥65 ≥70


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