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Magnesia chrome brick

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Product Description

  product Overview:


  Direct-bonded magnesite chrome brick uses high-purity magnesite and chrome concentrate as the main raw materials. It is fired at a temperature above 1700 ℃, and most of its refractory grains are in direct contact. Divided into Direct-bonded magnesite chrome brick for cement kiln and Direct-bonded magnesite chrome brick for glass kiln according to application. Direct-bonded magnesite chrome brick for cement kiln is divided into two grades of low chromium type and medium chromium type according to Cr2O3 content. Glass Direct-bonded magnesite chrome brick for kiln is high-chromium type DMC-12.


  Physical and chemical indicators:


Item For cement kilnsDirect-bonded magnesite chrome brick For glass kilnDirect-bonded magnesite chrome brick
Medium chromium type Low chromium type DMC-12
MgO          %      ≥ 73 80 70
Cr2O3         %       7~10 2~5 ≥12
SiO2           %       ≤ 1.8 2.0
Bulk Density     g/cm³          ≥   3.0
Apparent porosity    %     ≤ 18 18
Compressive strength at room temperature     Mpa        ≥ 50 55 45
Load softening start temperature  T0.6    ℃   ≥ 1650 1600 1650
Thermal shock stability  
Times      ≥
1100℃,Water cooling 5 5
950℃,Air chill 30  


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